4Rabet cricket betting

4Rabet is an excellent online cricket betting platform for beginners and professional players. On the 4raBet website you will find more than 50 sports with 30 thousand events every month. The average payout exceeds 96%. If you want more excitement, go to the cricket live streaming section and enjoy the best cricket events with an average payout of 93-95%. There are also generous bonuses for loyal players. Withdrawals usually take about 15 minutes. Next, you will learn how to bet on cricket, what events you can bet on and why you should choose this particular bookmaker.

How to bet on cricket in 4Rabet 

All information you should know before start betting on cricket on the 4rabet.

How to bet on cricket: step by step guide

Do you want to bet on your favorite cricket? If these are your first steps and you don’t know what to do, follow our step-by-step guide to get the result as soon as possible.


Go to the official website of 4Rabet.

This bookmaker meets all safety standards and offers generous bonuses to both beginners and regular customers.

4rabet Android page.

Create your account here.

It is useless to talk about bets and free bonuses without an active profile. Register and confirm your identity, which is a mandatory requirement.

4rabet registration page.

Make a deposit.

The next step is to deposit the rupees into a new account. Payment service options available in India include Debit/credit cards, Skrill, Entropay, Neteller, ecoPayz and some others.

Choose a convenient payment platform to replenish your account.

Start playing.

After you have created an account, made a deposit and viewed the site, it’s time to place a bet. Go to the sports section and click on Cricket from the list of available disciplines. Each event has markets and coefficients. Choose any of them and add it to your coupon.

cricke betting on the 4rabet.

As you can see, it’s simple enough that even beginners can start playing today!

How to place bets in real time?

This type of betting offers players the best entertainment. A major sports betting site like 4Rabet offers a separate section where you can enjoy live broadcasts of the best cricket events with instant bets. Another difference is that the odds in these matches are regularly updated. You need to catch the right moment to get the best offer.

Online betting does not have complicated rules and pitfalls. Select cricket sports events by opening the appropriate section. Find the right event and get the right odds. As soon as they appear, place a bet.
The good news is that most of the bets in the game work with the option of early withdrawal of funds. As you understand, the winning bet can be cashed out before the end of the cricket match. Use this solution if you are not sure of a positive result.

Types of cricket events I can bet on

4rabet all types of cricket events.

First, we need to distinguish between national and international cricket. Let’s start by focusing on the international side of the game. There are three recognized formats of the game played by full and associate member nations, governed by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Test cricket is the oldest form of cricket played over 5 days, with the possibility of either team winning or a game that can end in a draw.

Cricket T20. This form of play, which became popular in the 2000s, takes the excitement to a new level. A game is played in the afternoon or evening with 20 overs for each team.

Cricket test

Matches are played over a period of five days, giving us plenty of time to develop a solid cricket betting strategy. Ten countries currently have test match status: England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe. Many traditionalists consider tests to be the pinnacle of the game.

Each test match is played in fifteen sessions (morning, afternoon, evening sessions each day), with a total of 90 overs scheduled for each of the five-match days. Due to the natural length of a test match, players have to deal with many different conditions.

In shorter matches like ODIs or T20s, test game participants need to be significantly more adaptable to succeed in the long run. The ever-changing conditions mean that test cricket results can vary greatly from day to day, even from session to session.

A Test game series usually consists of no more than three-match series, except for a series that involves one or more of the four main countries participating in the Test: England, Australia, South Africa, and India.

One day cricket

While the ODI and T20 are seen by many in the UK as the little brothers of test cricket, spectators, players and TV presenters in Asia and the Middle East prefer flashy clothing and white-ball cricket.

Despite several attempts to change the ICC, the ODIs have changed little since those early Packer-inspired days. Often played as day and night players (first serve in the late afternoon, second serve at night, played under floodlights), each side plays 50 overs, with the side with the highest score naturally being the winner. The main difference in terms of play in Test Cricket is the mandatory field restrictions placed on the captain/side depending on what stage the match is in. Currently, the captain can only park two campers (out of nine) outside the 30-yard circle during 1-10 overs, giving batsmen the opportunity to find the limit in those earlier overs.

ODI series between two sides are usually played in three, four or five series. Some countries participate in three series where three teams play each other twice before the final. The final determines the winner.

There are two global ICC ODI tournaments, each held every four years. The first is the ICC Champions Cup and the second is the ICC Cricket World Cup. Cricket betting tips for these two events are widely available on the internet as many bettors like to bet on the Cricket World Cup in particular.

T20 cricket

T20 cricket is growing fast and many international teams are skipping a number of ODIs or even Test matches to schedule shorter format games. Once TV companies got used to the fact that the T20 could deliver the fast-paced excitement that many sports fans and bettors demand, it was only a matter of time before the rise of top-level gaming was just a matter of time.

Like ODIs, captains have to deal with fielding restrictions in T20 cricket. The first 6 overs are designed to give batters space and freedom to hit the boundaries, with only 2 fielders allowed outside the 30-yard circle. The remaining 14 overs give the outfield side a bit more breathing room, with 5 outfielders allowed to patrol the fences.

Both limited over formats aim to allow the batter to entertain the crowd with flat pitches, shorter limits, and many frequently offered runs. To excel in shorter formats that are not needed in tests requires different skills. Every year, cricketers who only do well in ODI or T20 cricket are not only gaining more respect among the cricketing public, they are also getting richer with the advent of numerous domestic T20 competitions around the world. 

Types of bets

4rabet all types of bets on cricket.

Moneyline: the simplest type of betting

This is the simplest type of sports betting — just choose the winner of the match to make a profit. What are the three possible outcomes of a cricket match? The victory of team 1, the victory of team 2, and a draw. So, just choose which of the three options seems to you the most attractive, and place a bet. Since the logic of betting is that the greater the risk, the greater the profit, the values involving the unlucky team in the duel will always be greater than the favorite. 

A draw cancels the bet: for those who want to take less risks

This feeling is familiar to anyone who is a little more experienced in the world of online betting. Do you know when you have this “feeling” that a certain team is going to win, but you don’t have that much conviction? That’s why there is a “Draw without a bet” option. If you want to take less risks, this is the best option!

Double bet: Choose two outcomes out of three

As we explained above, a single bet comes down to choosing one of three possible outcomes: a victory for team 1, a victory for team 2, or a draw. It is also explained that the “draw without a bet” option helps to return the money if the selected team does not win the match. What if I tell you that there is an opportunity to profit from two out of three possible outcomes?

Combined bets: Increase risk to increase profit

Instead of rooting for a bet, did you know that you can combine bets online? You can make a bet by combining several different outcomes: if all work, you win, if only one does not work, you lose everything. Instead of adding the coefficients of two (or more) betting together, when you combine the coefficients, they multiply, which in some cases gives gigantic amounts. The logic is always the same: the greater the risk, the greater the profit.

More/Less: a bet on the total number of goals or points

This is one of the most popular types of bets among players, and it can be placed on most sports. Believe it or not: you don’t need to hit the winning team to make a profit. Suffice it to say whether there will be more (more) or fewer (fewer) goals or points in the match in question when adding two teams.

Points spread: handicap or advantage

Although the name of this type of betting varies around the world, the logic is the same: balanced matches that would not be so attractive – usually because one team is much better than the other. 

Exact result: a bet in the style you win if you get into the exact result of the match

Betting on the “right result”, the famous pin, is quite popular and can be very profitable, since the values are much more generous than those of other types. If you guess the exact result of any match, you can win the jackpot! Again: the greater the risk, the greater the profit.

Advantages of 4Rabet

All pros of the 4rabet platform.

4Rabet differs from other bookmakers in its craving for continuous improvement of its platform in all aspects. The bookmaker has many pleasant advantages and little things that he cares about, we have highlighted the main ones:

  • Frequent software updates;
  • Profitable welcome bonus;
  • A large selection of exciting events;
  • A mobile application containing all the relevant functions;
  • Clear and simple design;
  • There is no commission for withdrawal of funds.
How popular is the 4raBet bookmaker in India?

At the moment, the total number of users of the platform is almost 70 thousand. This is a very good indicator for such a new platform.

Is it worth betting on 4Rabet cricket?

Definitely! The Indian market is considered quite promising, so the popular and young bookmaker 4Rabet is available to local players. Thus, they can follow sports from all over the world and, in particular, cricket. At the moment, cricket is the most popular sport in this country. It has become so popular that India has become the Asian hub of online cricket betting. If you haven’t placed any bets yet, hurry up, because this is a great source of money.

Why is it better to place bets in a legal bookmaker 4Rabet?

When it comes to virtual betting, players need to check all the details. By registering on the online betting platform, you transfer your personal information and add bank details for making a deposit or withdrawing funds. The bookmaker needs access to your wallet, which makes it impossible for you to bet on cricket. However, this can be avoided by choosing a licensed 4Rabet operator.

If I need help, what should I do?

You can contact customer support and ask them any questions. This area is very developed at the bookmaker as you can write an email, send your question to a live chat or call a phone number. It all depends on the volume and urgency of the problem. Qualified specialists will quickly tell you the solution to your question as if it never happened.

Can I bet on cricket from my mobile phone?

Yes! 4Rabet has its own application for Android and IOS. The developers have tried to transfer all the functions of the official website to the application so that users can fully play from any device. It will not take up much space on your device and also will not require significant system requirements. Try it!