4rabet KYC and AML Policy

This policy called Know Your Customer exists to protect the company from any fraud related to money laundering and other risks. This text is not a complete document.


If you want to read the document in full. you should contact the support service to provide it to you.

This policy covers the following topics:

  • Responsibilities of senior managers and informing them of all risks associated with fraud;
  • Training and informing anti-fraud specialists;
  • Regular updates and additions to the policy;
  • Taking measures to reduce the risk associated with fraud;
  • Timely notification to the relevant authorities about any suspicious actions;
  • Prompt and timely response to messages from authorities.

General principles

It is necessary to perform a number of certain actions before a new user can conduct any transactions. These procedures include:

  • Monitoring, identifying, recording, detecting and reporting unusual or suspicious transactions, if necessary;
  • Appropriate training;
  • Sending requests from external sources to AMLCO.

Identity verification

In the event that a company receives supporting documentation regarding the identity of a new client, it must be convinced that they confirm the existence of the customer. It is possible that the company will rely on third-party sources as part of its fact-checking process when landing Clients, but it has the ultimate legal responsibility to make sure that the fact-check is satisfactory.

The company will collect, store, transmit, and protect the Client’s identification information strictly according to its Privacy Policy and applicable regulations that complies with the GDPR requirements.