Purpose and scope

This policy is intended for use by customers of Umbrella Development B.V. products and services. This company is registered in Curacao and follows the law of that jurisdiction.

This policy is necessary so that users have information about what data the company collects and how it is used.

Collection of personal data

The company collects information that is necessary to improve service and improve products.

This may include information and documentation for identification, contact information, location data. 

Purpose of collecting personal data

Users’ personal data is used only for legitimate purposes.

This is necessary to verify the identity of the client, to manage his account, to process transactions and to provide other services. The identity of the client must be verified to ensure the security of the platform. This allows you to be sure of protection against fraud and money laundering.

The Company has the right to request from the user such documents as

  1. Screenshot of the bank’s personal data page with the account number;
  1. Photo of the NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD and registration document on both sides;
  1. Selfie with a piece of paper, where the login, date and inscription “4rabet.com ” written. As well as identity documents;
  1. Make a video where you log into the bank’s application / website, open your profile, show the outgoing transaction, where you can see: the time, the payee, the amount. If the video quality is low, the complaint may be rejected.

The Company may also use third parties on its own behalf to verify the identity of the client.

  1. Controlling and processing personal data

The Company can confirm that personal data provided by the Client will be processed and stored according to applicable law in any jurisdiction inside or outside of the European Union.

Umbrella Development B.V. may act appropriately whenever it determines that the provider is not performing these functions effectively or in compliance with applicable law when it is required to provide oversight and effective oversight of outsourced functions.

The Company has the right to use the client’s data without his permission only in certain situations.

  1. If it is necessary by a court decision;
  2. If there are grounds for the need to disclose certain information;
  3. If the company suspects that the information is related to a violation of the law;
  4. If it is necessary to protect against fraud;
  5. If the information is publicly available;
  6. For other reasons permitted by law.

The company calls on all its users to be confidential.